Vince Cable (foxtrot_vince) wrote,
Vince Cable

Vince's Notebook

~This is a charm to make this notebook seem profoundly uninteresting to anyone but its owner, who is here identified as John Vincent Cable, politician, economist, and magician. Put the notebook down now and improve your life.~

I'm still a bit concerned about trying to juggle the cure potion and BIS, but I can't deny that it's exhilarating to get back into proper research again. No wonder 55% of those who take the cure potion die! It's a shambles. I don't know if I can improve on it, but I'm damned if I can't give it a good go.

The sedative potion, meanwhile, isn't difficult, and I've sent a case of it over to John's this morning. I thought of sending Tessa - this potion isn't something you can trust to the post - but then remembered that I've told her confidentially that I'm going to need her help the next few weeks. LM helping with the secretarial work is all well and good, and I'm sure he'll useful with the small things, but he hasn't been in BIS in some time, and Tessa has. Anyway, I've sent Jo - she was wandering by, and she has little to do in Nick's office at the mo. It's all "reshuffle reshuffle reshuffle" nonsense.

But back to the cure potion. Even the ingredients are mysterious. It's all this "trying desperately to decipher ancient texts" thing. Just what do they mean by 'unicorn hair'? Is it actual unicorn hair (in which case I have no idea where I'll find it)? Is it something Merlin's cousins called unicorn hair (e.g., some plant or something)? I really need some sort of magical intern to go cross-referencing all these things, but I don't know if I'd trust them not to bollocks things up. The eternal dilemma.

Enough rambling on. Back to the stack of moldy books I'm working through. I feel no nearer to actually beginning work on the cure potion, but I know I'm making progress. Slow progress, but progress.
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